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Free Spanish Learning Apps

Mobile apps have made it easy to learn Spanish online for free for beginners and beyond. This makes it much easier to squeeze in some Spanish practice every day wherever you are, and do it without spending a cent.

For our top favorite apps of 2023 (including some premium options), you might want to check out this post, too.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is easy to use with many exercises and lessons for beginners to upper-intermediate language learners.

It’s organized by units, letting you progress at your own pace.

You can buy the premium version, but you still get the app’s best features and complete course for free.

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2. Busuu

The greatest feature that Busuu offers is Spanish conversation practice with native users.

Other great features surround vocabulary, but I think that having that real-time conversation and feedback from a native speaker is extremely valuable and is what makes the app worth it.

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3. Memrise

Memrise has courses for basic and advanced Spanish, plus varieties like Castilian Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Argentinian Spanish.

There’s a wide range of flashcard-based courses that you can choose from. 

This app is excellent for improving your vocabulary, reading and writing skills!

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Free YouTube Spanish Lessons

YouTube lessons allow you to pause and rewind whenever you need to, focus on a particular topic of your interest, play with different levels of fluency and choose a teaching style that best suits your needs.

Here are some of the best Spanish YouTube channels out there.

For a more in-depth list of Spanish YouTube channels.

4. Butterfly Spanish

Butterfly Spanish motivates you on your quest for fluency, no matter your level.

Ana will guide you with her charming lessons about any topic you want to hear about.

She also focuses on particular Spanish letters and syllables, with the goal of teaching you how to pronounce them like a native speaker.

5. Practiquemos

The channel Practiquemos is perfect if you love the traditional classroom vibe.

The somewhat motherly touch Professor Catalina Escobar brings to her Spanish channel is warm yet professional and polished.

She’s got more than enough video content here to get you interested and keep you around long-term, from beginner to advanced topics.

6. Maria Español

This channel categorizes classes according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so you can choose content from levels A (beginner’s level) to C (fluency).


Free Spanish Podcasts

Podcasts will help you start blurring the line between Spanish learning and your interests, hobbies and daily activities.

We’ve collected some podcasts with different levels of difficulty, countries of origin and topics of interest, so you can start listening right away.

7. Audiria

Audiria was created by two brothers from Málaga.

This podcast is perfect for the eclectic Spanish student interested in a wide range of topics and who wants to learn how to talk about anything.

You’ll find discussions about the economic crisis, trips to the pharmacy, meal recipes and even the Spanish constitution.

8. A Hombros de Gigantes

This podcast addresses big science topics such as the evolution of the human race, earthquakes, the universe and the relationship between science and the internet.

All recordings are presented by a native Spanish speaker, author and science connoisseur Manuel Seara Valero.

It’s especially beneficial for intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish.

9. Futuro Abierto

Futuro Abierto (open future) is your podcast, discussing education, sexuality, mental health, marriage and divorce, animal rights and even the digital economy.

This podcast is the place to be if you’re approaching an advanced level of Spanish and want to study the ways in which you can express political views and perspectives on society.